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Common Questions Along With Carpet Cleaning Cleveland Expert Answers

Carpet Cleaning Cleveland is always happy to answer questions about carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with our expert answers.

How often do I need to have my carpets professionally cleaned?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning once every two years. There are many factors that come into play, however, in determining just how often your carpets need professional attention.

Carpets installed in high traffic areas or in homes with indoor pets, young children or asthma and allergy sufferers may require more frequent cleaning. Improper or inefficient care will also take its toll, leaving carpets in dire need of deep cleaning. On the other hand, carpets that are well cared for, or that are installed in rooms with low foot traffic may hold for as long as three to three and a half years between cleanings.

Why do I need to hire a professional carpet cleaner? Can't I just do it myself?

If you want to clean your carpet yourself you can buy or rent a steam cleaner or you can use a carpet shampoo type of product. Steam cleaning is by far the better option, as carpet shampoos are typically very difficult to remove and have been show to actually exacerbate the problem. That said, you should take great care when using consumer quality or rental carpet cleaners. Some machines simply don't have what it takes to heat the water to high enough temperatures and discharge it with the force necessary. Others are poor performers when it comes to extracting moisture from your carpet once it's been introduced. Damp carpets are a perfect breeding ground for health threatening bacteria, germs and fungi. If you are set on cleaning your carpets yourself, invest in a high quality steam cleaning machine and keep it well maintained.

What can I do to keep my carpets looking good between cleanings?

Use strategically placed area rugs and mats to reduce the amount of soil carried onto your rugs from the outside and of course, vacuum regularly.

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