Wood Floor Refinishing Cleveland

If you are interested in reversing the wear and tear your oak flooring, bamboo flooring, or other hardwood flooring is showing, Wood Floor Refinishing Cleveland is here for you. Whether you are moving into a new home with worn floors or have lived in your home long enough to notice slow decrease in your hardwood flooring's luster, We can bring back the life and glimmer to your wood flooring.

With a quick call to Cleveland Wood Floor Refinishing, we can save you time researching how to refinish wood floors, and save you money on rental equipment. We will discuss the current condition of your wood flooring, your floor type, and develop a plan for refinishing wood.

Wood Floor Sanding

If your floors do not have many deep scratches or dents, sanding off the top layer of polyurethane and applying a new layer of polyurethane may be all that's needed. In this case, many people think that they can rent sanding equipment from the hardware store and do it themselves, but proper sanding technique is an art form and a learned skill best left to professionals. Improper use of rental sanding equipment can cause serious damage to the wood flooring and end up costing owners more expense!

If cracks, dents and deeper scratches are present in your hardwood flooring, our restoration technicians will sand a little deeper into the wood to remove these marks, and possibly apply a matching wood filler. Our technicians are trained and have lots of experience in eliminating or minimizing marks on wood floor, as damage to wood flooring happens all the time in daily life and is extremely common. We can even find some floorboards that match yours as closely as possible and replace some pieces in extreme circumstances.

Why Choose Wood Floor Refinishing Cleveland?

Why should you choose Cleveland Wood Floor Refinishing? We have an extensive network of service technicians whom we have thoroughly trained and who we are entirely confident have more than enough knowledge and experience to tackle even the most difficult of restoration jobs. In addition, we've also invested in technologically advanced equipment to assist our technicians in performing the job better than anyone else could. We only use restoration methods approved by wood floor manufacturers.

Most importantly, Wood Floor Refinishing Cleveland is committed to treating your house as our own, and valuing our client's property and time. Therefore, we will do the best job we can, and we will do it on time.

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Please call Wood Floor Refinishing Cleveland today to learn how we can assist you in regaining the brilliance and beauty your wood floor had when it was first installed. We will happily discuss the entire process with you so you feel comfortable that you understand exactly what will happen, and why the path we choose is the best one for your floors. We are sure you will be thrilled with the outcome of our service, and your guests and family will be amazed as well. Maintain and protect the investment you have made by calling Carpet Cleaning Cleveland.

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